Who buys Bluetooth headphones and speakers?


Those who find convenience or range of motion more important than sound quality
Those in environments not conducive to wired products


    Thanks to Bluetooth, portable and personal devices—especially headphones and speakers—have proliferated.


    Units are sturdy, water-resistant or waterproof—ideal for sports and outdoor use. Multiple Bluetooth devices can stream to a single Bluetooth speaker. Nearly all Bluetooth speakers can also play back non-Bluetooth devices. Speakers may even include a USB charger
    Hands-free speakerphone capability is available with the appropriate Bluetooth profile 

        Who buys wired headphones and speakers?


        1. Serious gamers and audiophiles who need excellent sound quality and uninterrupted session time
        2. Fans of uncompressed vinyl and the high-res audio seeking a quality listening experience
        3. People on a budget who find Bluetooth products pricey


          The benefits:

          • Connectivity via wire is rock solid
          • Session length is not dictated by battery life
          • Sound quality is clear, full range and uncompressed
          • Audiophiles listen in a quieter environment that can expose sound flaws
          • No dropout or interference from other devices
          • Easier-to-use control buttons


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